100 DVDs


In the new year I went on the Nottingham Trent Snowsports trip to Tignes in France. I was responsible for documenting all the crazy stuff that went down.

Since we got back I’ve been busy editing all the footage and producing a DVD. Kane has also given his creative input. He created the cover, menu and provided some cool animations.

Over all the main video is 16 minutes long with 6 minutes of extra features and 195 high res images.

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Artefact two

Artefact Two from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

This is the second (of six) mini projects I’ve set myself that involve the key techniques of compositing.

The first Artefact was focusing on layers and how to manipulate sill imagery.

This time I’ve looked at 2D motion tracking and stabilization. I’ve also briefly looked at Keying and masking, but i will go into those in more detail in future projects.

Mouse Path


Joe T showed me a really cool Java App the other day. It’s called Mouse Path and it basically tracks where your mouse pointer has been over a certain amount of time. You can also have it draw a circle when the mouse is inactive, the longer you leave it the larger the circle.

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