Editing Marathon

Section 3 - First nights.Still001

I spent the last weekend blasting through more Snowsports DVD. On the Sunday my friend Alex (who designed all the branding) came over to help with the editing and work on his intro animation. Over all I recon I’m over half way done. The total length of the main section so far is around 20 min. There is plenty of spare footage that will go in the extras. On average there’s around 1 hour of footage per day that needs to be cut down to around 3 min! It’s a long and some times boring task, however once a section is finished its pretty rewarding.

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Stereographic Fun Time


I found some more photos from my recent trip to the French Alps that needed editing. I had a bit of spare time last night so I got to work.

The First one below was a fairly easy job. There was minimal tweaking the only thing I had to remove from the stitched images was my shadow. This was really easy with this shot because snow is dead easy to clone with out being noticeable.

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Parallel Lines


A few months back Simon at Tribe came to me with a cool brief. It was basically to produce two lines that flow around in a 3D space. It would be used as the background on a holding page for the company Parallel Pictures.

Simon did the design and Ben sorted the code.

The site has recently gone live! Below is a screen grab of the finished holding page. Here’s a link to the site (It may have changed).

More on how this was done after the break

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DVD Teaser Clip – One

To keep the recent trip in peoples minds I’m releasing little clips from the forth coming DVD me and Alex are producing. Here’s the first. Rupert shredding through the mega power on the last day. I’ve colour corrected and slowed the footage by 50%.