X-mini Super Portable Speaker – Best Product Ever?


I had a Logitech mm28 NXT speaker for about 4 years. It was great, amazing battery life, good sound (up to a certain point), portable etc… However it broke a few months a go (due to me dropping it on a concrete floor)  and I didn’t know what to get as a replacement. I was thinking about getting the same one again but I found out they don’t make them any more.

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SnowSport DVD Production/Premiere


So after three months of hard work the time arrived to finally show everybody what we had been doing. Me and Alex had one final push to get the DVD completed before Trent students broke up for Easter holidays. It was quite a stressful time as there was still a bit to get sorted. Alex was working on getting all the artwork ready to print and I was working on setting up the menu system for the DVD. We finished it all by the Sunday evening and had the master copy of the disc sent via next day recorded delivery (Royal Mail Style) on Monday.

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