Digital Anthill – Revamp


So I’ve been meaning to update the old DigitalAnthill look since I started my new job.. that was 8 months ago now! I finally had a weekend where I was free and it was raining so I was encouraged to stay indoors. This was a perfect opportunity to get the job done. Alex was about too so I asked for his help in designing a logo and identity for me. First we went through various fonts trying to find one which was suitable. At first we chose neue Helvetica and Alex played around with the position of the text until he came up with the current look.

Helvetica looked good but I didn’t really want it, so we looked some more. Finally came across Code Pro. I loved it as first sight, so we did a quick mock up and it worked perfectly. I decided I might as well purchase it. Got the full font family for £30. Not a bad deal I think.

We then continued to fiddle with the poisoning till it looked sweet. It was looking slightly off balance next to the top right L so we stuck in a ® for good measure. Yes I know DigitalAnthill is not a registered trade mark but hey it looks cool, so what ever. If anyone asks, it stands for Rob ;)

Click more to see how I created the 3D Logo..

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