App Shoot


Some recent work filming a new application for hotel management. Studio use courtesy of Rob at Scene Photography. Hired a few day-light halogen lights for the job. Shot entirely on the Canon 7D at 1080p. Making sure reflections were out of shot was the main issue. I shot the devices at an angle then corrected the perspective shift in post. The over all video was around 10 minutes long and was shown at an exhibition in Baltimore, US. Over all an interesting and fun project to work on.


GoPro Dolly – Motor Test

GoPro Dolly – Motor Testing from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

I’ve got a big exciting project coming up which will involve a fair amount of time-lapse bits. So to make the shots look a bit more interesting I set out to make my own motorized time-lapse dolly. The above video was shot entirely with a GoPro Hero 2 and the little rig I built.

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