Artefact five



Artefact Five from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Music by:
Netsky – Secret Agent



The penultimate artefact is here! with only one week to go I thought it was time to get artefact 5 and six done!! this time I looked more closely at chroma keying. My original plan was to use the green screen at uni, but I thought it would be more fun to do it all my self. I brought various green things I could experiment with.

Spray paint, socks, body paint and card














I first tested out some juggling with the green socks on in the hope that I could remove my arms and leave my hands floating. This proved to be quite hard because the holes left by the green were too difficult to fill.

Capture 2

I then had the idea of adding a real life object to a 3D scene. So I set up a mini studio in the loft and tried to light the balls as good as I could with out creating shadows. I added Blutack dots so it would make it easier to track in Boujou.





I also wanted to see what it would look like to create a window in an object, In this case the wall. I simply stuck the card to the wall then keyed and tracked it.


I used my D90 to shoot the video. The lack of control you have over video with the D90 made getting the right shot difficult. I got about 20 shots for the scenes so I could choose the one where the lighting and movement was correct.

If I had more time I would like to have sprayed a skateboard or bike green and keyed it out. I think I will do this as a personal project some time!

So here it is..



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