Motion Tracking

Some motion design created for this edit. We captured this pretty rad shot of Alex skating the Haverfordwest bowl at 6am using the helicam. The morning light across the park was amazing. We thought it would be cool to incorporate the Maverick logo in the scene somehow to use it as an end sequence to the edit.

After some playing around we came up with this. Firstly I stabilized and de-fisheyed the GoPro footage. Then I tracked it using the After Effects camera tracker (that did an excellent job of mapping the motion) I then added the maverick M to the scene and matched its 3D position to that of the surface of the skatepark.

I then used this logo as a alpha mask on the same bit of footage that was slightly scaled up. This created a pretty interesting refraction like effect.

Be sure to check out the edit for some other tracked bits of text at the beginning :)

Aerial PanoDrop | Tahoe, USA

TahoePanoDropFinally got round to trying out a PanoDrop from the sky. I put a GoPro in 0.5 of a sec timelapse mode, and sent the DJI Phantom up. I had it in GPS mode so once I’d found a position I thought would look good I rotated the heli around slowly to capture a selection of images to make up the 360° panorama. From there I stitched the stereographic image as normal. Hopefully I’ll get round to making a few of these :)

Klingatron | Nottingham Billboard Takeover


Klingatron | Nottingham Billboard Takeover from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Above is the result of a project me and Klingatron have been talking about doing for the past 8 months or so. He is a stencil artist based up in Glasgow, I love the work he does and thought it would be awesome to document the process of him installing one of his pieces.

Click more to read about this project and see a bunch of photos

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The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

The Nutter – The Next Generation Of Bicycle Multi Tool from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Recently shot and edited this video for Full Windsor. Promoting the release of the highly successful Kick Starter project – The Nutter.

Needless to say this was a fun one to work on…

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AnyForty ‘Stick Em Up’ Session

AnyForty ‘Stick Em Up’ Session from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Myself & Alex Fowkes hooked up with London based streetwear brand AnyForty  to bring you this short edit.

Shredding the new AnyForty deck ‘Stick Em Up’ at Flo skatepark, Nottingham.

First time experimenting with CineStyle for the 7D and ProTune for the GoPro. Colour correction using film convert pro. Thanks to the guys at Dimention2 for introducing me to this.

Deck available here | Rider Alex Fowkes | Location Flo Skatepark | Music Ten Tigers – Bonobo


Minute Nine – Quadcopter Snowboarding

Here it is. My first video using the new DJI Phantom. It was a serious challenge trying to snowboard whilst controlling this. As a first attempt goes, its okay, Lots of room for improvement though. Since this was filmed I’ve made some adjustments to the props and built a shock absorber mount. Future footage should be smoother with a bit of luck. Enjoy