X-mini Super Portable Speaker – Best Product Ever?


I had a Logitech mm28 NXT speaker for about 4 years. It was great, amazing battery life, good sound (up to a certain point), portable etc… However it broke a few months a go (due to me dropping it on a concrete floor)  and I didn’t know what to get as a replacement. I was thinking about getting the same one again but I found out they don’t make them any more.

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Frickin Lasers.. Spyder III – Arctic


Back in May I saw that the company Wicked Lasers were taking payments for a new laser pen that was soon to be released. They said it was the worlds most powerful consumer laser. Usually for a laser pen of equivalent power would cost around $1000 mark. They were selling these for a mere $197! I couldn’t resist. £130 for a laser pen I hear you say.. well you have to understand that I’ve been obsessed and fascinated by lasers since I got a little red one on January the 1st 2000! I’ve had many different types included a couple of Green ones since. I got a 100mw green laser about 3 years ago (that was capable of burning certain things) and loved it. So when I found out that I could get the most powerful laser available (and its blue!) for a relatively low cost I ordered straight away :p.

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100 DVDs


In the new year I went on the Nottingham Trent Snowsports trip to Tignes in France. I was responsible for documenting all the crazy stuff that went down.

Since we got back I’ve been busy editing all the footage and producing a DVD. Kane has also given his creative input. He created the cover, menu and provided some cool animations.

Over all the main video is 16 minutes long with 6 minutes of extra features and 195 high res images.

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Mouse Path


Joe T showed me a really cool Java App the other day. It’s called Mouse Path and it basically tracks where your mouse pointer has been over a certain amount of time. You can also have it draw a circle when the mouse is inactive, the longer you leave it the larger the circle.

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