Parallel Lines


A few months back Simon at Tribe came to me with a cool brief. It was basically to produce two lines that flow around in a 3D space. It would be used as the background on a holding page for the company Parallel Pictures.

Simon did the design and Ben sorted the code.

The site has recently gone live! Below is a screen grab of the finished holding page. Here’s a link to the site (It may have changed).

More on how this was done after the break

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How I got work with Tribe Uk



So now that Uni is well and truly over I was left thinking what do I do now! My Friend Alex is now working with a guy called Norm (aka Wasteyourself) They have set up their own little graphic design studio in Nottingham. Norm had sculpted this interesting character a few years ago and asked me whether I could create a 3D model of it.

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