HTML5 Video Embed Tutorial

You’ve probably heard about HTML5 and the ability to embed video. Well this sounds all well and good but its been a bit of a mission getting my head around it and finally getting to a point where it actually works. I first started looking into it about 2 months ago when creating videos for the new Tribe website. Me and Ben (the web developer there) spent quite a bit of time scratching our heads and testing different methods until we came up with a solution that should work across all platforms.

In this tutorial I’ll try my best to explain the process of getting HTML5 video to embed into a WordPress Blog, you’re not limited to a WP blog, you should be able to adapt it for any type of site. Bear in mind I don’t have a great deal of knowledge in the web area, so I apologise now if this is a little sloppy.

Remember only HTML5 supported browsers can view the video, this currently includes the latest versions of Chrome, IE9, Firefox4, Safari, Opera and most mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad etc.

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