Waste Studio Presents Floodit 06

The guys at Waste Studio Hosted another one of their live screen printing shows at the weekend. This time held at the Contemporary Art Gallery. I had the job of documenting the evening with some photos and  a short video. Check out the Photos on Flickr and the vid below…

Waste Studio Presents Floodit 06 from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Over all I had a really enjoyable evening. Was good to meet some cool new people and be involved with such a creative group.

For more info on the night head to the Floodit website.


Frickin Lasers.. Spyder III – Arctic


Back in May I saw that the company Wicked Lasers were taking payments for a new laser pen that was soon to be released. They said it was the worlds most powerful consumer laser. Usually for a laser pen of equivalent power would cost around $1000 mark. They were selling these for a mere $197! I couldn’t resist. £130 for a laser pen I hear you say.. well you have to understand that I’ve been obsessed and fascinated by lasers since I got a little red one on January the 1st 2000! I’ve had many different types included a couple of Green ones since. I got a 100mw green laser about 3 years ago (that was capable of burning certain things) and loved it. So when I found out that I could get the most powerful laser available (and its blue!) for a relatively low cost I ordered straight away :p.

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Pc mega upgrade..


I almost forgot about this one, with every thing going on at tribe I haven’t really had much time to post any blog content!

About three weeks ago I decided to go all out and upgrade my desktop pc. My previous pc was pushing three years old and was starting to show it. One option was to upgrade the core components but I thought it would be best to do a complete upgrade. That way I could take my old computer into tribe so I could work on something with a bit more kick over my laptop.

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Cover Shot!!

Back Camera
I’m currently In a pretty sweet spot at the moment… Tribe the company I’ve been doing freelance work for the past couple of months offered me a 6 month contract. It goes with out saying that I was very happy to accept this kind offer. I started the full time job last week. Because I’m still living at home (Quorn) I’m Having to commute in to Notts everyday which takes around 40 min.. not ideal but its not so bad. I’m currently working on about 5 projects that vary in size. The standard of work here at tribe is very high which is really good for me because it pushes me to perform at my best. I hope I can post up some of the projects I’ve been working on because I’m pretty proud of the results.

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