Shanghai – Round 2

Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset

Recently got back from another installment of China. This time was more enjoyable than the last. I think partly due to the fact I saw the sun for more than a couple of hours in 12 days but also I knew what to expect this time, so I wasn’t being bombarded with a sensory overload! Click below for more..

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Shanghai – Round One


Spent 13 days over in Shanghai assisting Rob from Scene Photography. Days were pretty long in the studio, but we managed get some time in the evenings to go explore the city.. which is massive and crazy busy.

Above is a PanoDrop taken with the quad-copter over the building we were working in.

Click below to see a bunch more photos from the trip

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Ex-NATO Radar Base – Kefalonia, Greece


Me and my brother went on a night mission (above photo is at night. Full moon providing the light) to explore this military radar base on the Greek island, Kefalonia. The date was Friday the 13th of June 2014. I’ve found it tricky to find much info on this place, so, if any one knows more, get in touch!

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Farsa Abandoned Village, Kefalonia, Greece


In 1953 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Greek island of Kefalonia. Many of the buildings on the island were badly damaged. The village of Farsa was almost entirely abandoned. Many of the buildings still remain today. It was quite strange walking the old streets and ally ways of this old community. The sun was setting which made for some beautiful light being cast over the ruins.

Click below to see the rest of the shots from this mission..

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Detonate Festival Photography


Was invited to take photos at the Nottingham based Detonate Festival. It was their first festival, and they absolutly smashed it. It was held at the Nottingham Race Course, which at first I was skeptical about how good of a venue it would be. Turned out to be a great idea. Loads of amazing artist (including Andy C, above) and the sun was shining.

Click below to see some of my favorite shots.

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Motion Tracking

Some motion design created for this edit. We captured this pretty rad shot of Alex skating the Haverfordwest bowl at 6am using the helicam. The morning light across the park was amazing. We thought it would be cool to incorporate the Maverick logo in the scene somehow to use it as an end sequence to the edit.

After some playing around we came up with this. Firstly I stabilized and de-fisheyed the GoPro footage. Then I tracked it using the After Effects camera tracker (that did an excellent job of mapping the motion) I then added the maverick M to the scene and matched its 3D position to that of the surface of the skatepark.

I then used this logo as a alpha mask on the same bit of footage that was slightly scaled up. This created a pretty interesting refraction like effect.

Be sure to check out the edit for some other tracked bits of text at the beginning :)

Haverfordwest Skate Jam

Maverick | Haverfordwest Skatepark Jam from Maverick Skateparks on Vimeo.

Working with Dimension2 for Maverick Skateparks to cover the Opening Jam at Haverfordwest in Wales, UK.

It was an awesome day all round, amazing turnout, great weather and riding. Look out for the helicam shots and motion graphics :)

Click below for more BTS stuff..

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Clipstone Coal Mine

photo 3

Joe at Dimension2 gave me a little heads up about these huge headstocks that were part of the Clipstone coal mine. We went to check it out with the helicam. The wind was pretty strong so flying was a little sketchy. The building has some serious security fencing around it now, so getting in by foot isn’t an (easy) option.

Click below to see more shots..

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