Aerial PanoDrop | Tahoe, USA

TahoePanoDropFinally got round to trying out a PanoDrop from the sky. I put a GoPro in 0.5 of a sec timelapse mode, and sent the DJI Phantom up. I had it in GPS mode so once I’d found a position I thought would look good I rotated the heli around slowly to capture a selection of images to make up the 360° panorama. From there I stitched the stereographic image as normal. Hopefully I’ll get round to making a few of these :)

Miner On The Moon, Piece By Alex Chinneck – Black Friars, London

Miner On The Moon, Alex Chinneck, Black Friars

While working in London with Alex, he spotted this building that stood out from the rest. It turns out it’s an art installation by Alex Chinneck. We thought it would be cool to have Alex riding by and then flip the image to make it a little trippy. I had to adjust the angle of the perspective in post to give the impression the image was taken from the ‘bottom‘ looking up, and not the other way round.

For more info on the project, check out this Dezeen Post.

Lenton Flats – 1960 / 2014


Working with Rubber Goat Films as they capture footage for their documentary ‘Flat’. I have been shooting some heli shots of the demolition process for them. I’ve also taken this opportunity to capture some images of the process. I’ve been waiting about 6 months to capture the following shot. I wanted to get a ‘before and after’ type photo of Digby Court being constructed in 1960 (Source: Lenton Times) and demolished in 2014. Cant wait to publish the heli footage from this.. it looks awesome!

Royal Chequers – Derelict

What else do you do on boxing day, than go and check out abandoned buildings?

Me and Joe cycled past this former Chinese restaurant in our home village; Quorn, Leicestershire. The building is being knocked down to make way for a super market.

We had a quick scout round and discovered a hatch to the basement had been opened. I had my camera gear with me, so we had a little explore before it goes forever.

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Boxing Day Train Spotting

While back home over Christmas I could hear the steam trains running on the Great Central Railway. On boxing day I looked at the train times and saw that there were two locomotives passing by soon, so I grabbed my camera gear and headed to a spot that I that thought would be good to get aerial footage.

Set the heli up and waited for the first train. Here’s a little Instagram video I edited from the collected footage. I was actually pretty nervous getting this.. having a steam train pass me while trying to concentrate on flying the heli was tough. I didn’t have my fpv screen connected so all the shots where captured from line of sight. I was really pleased when I reviewed the footage to see that it came out okay.

I waited around a bit then captured the above shot of the Oliver Cromwell locomotive. Really happy with how this came out, the evening light was perfect.