Boxing Day Train Spotting

While back home over Christmas I could hear the steam trains running on the Great Central Railway. On boxing day I looked at the train times and saw that there were two locomotives passing by soon, so I grabbed my camera gear and headed to a spot that I that thought would be good to get aerial footage.

Set the heli up and waited for the first train. Here’s a little Instagram video I edited from the collected footage. I was actually pretty nervous getting this.. having a steam train pass me while trying to concentrate on flying the heli was tough. I didn’t have my fpv screen connected so all the shots where captured from line of sight. I was really pleased when I reviewed the footage to see that it came out okay.

I waited around a bit then captured the above shot of the Oliver Cromwell locomotive. Really happy with how this came out, the evening light was perfect.

London Roof Top – PanoDrop


On a job with D2 documenting a pretty awesome project for Acrylicize. Got chance to gain access the roof of this 8 story building in the heart of London. While up there I captured this PanoDrop.

This was made using a 16bit TIFF work flow. All the Gigabytes, but all the quality.

Click below to see some other projections..

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Klingatron | Nottingham Billboard Takeover


Klingatron | Nottingham Billboard Takeover from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Above is the result of a project me and Klingatron have been talking about doing for the past 8 months or so. He is a stencil artist based up in Glasgow, I love the work he does and thought it would be awesome to document the process of him installing one of his pieces.

Click more to read about this project and see a bunch of photos

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The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

The Nutter – The Next Generation Of Bicycle Multi Tool from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Recently shot and edited this video for Full Windsor. Promoting the release of the highly successful Kick Starter project – The Nutter.

Needless to say this was a fun one to work on…

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Samsung Mobile S4 Mini | Heli Edit

This is the second edit created for the Over To You project by Samsung Mobile. This time I was given the Galaxy S4 Mini to put through the test.

Me and Alex had three days to shoot and edit this. Some bits are a little sketchy due to the weather not being ideal.

Music: Tasty Morsels

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1000 Daily Photos

Today marks 1000 days of taking a photo every day. I have been using the online service ShutterCal to upload and store the images since 01.01.2011. To celebrate this mile stone I wanted to do something a little special.. We ended up buying two king size bed sheets and 5L of petrol.

Click below to see more photos, short time-lapse and aerial footage from the night.

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