Digital Anthill – Stickers


Been wanting to get some custom stickers made for some time. With the help of Alex, we put these together. After trying a few variations we ended up deciding on using the image I made of the logo using tiny electronic parts (more on how that was done here). As well as the main image we also used up the remaining space for another sticker. Two stickers for the price of one :). They were made by Awesome Merchandise.

Maverick 2013 Slackline Competition–Bournemouth

Portlebay UK Slackline Open 2013 from Maverick Slacklines on Vimeo.

Spent a weekend down in Bournemouth shooting with D2 for the UK Maverick slackline open 2013.

The quad-copter made an appearance too, but had a few technical difficulties flying inside… More info on this and pictures from the weekend after the break..

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AnyForty ‘Stick Em Up’ Session

AnyForty ‘Stick Em Up’ Session from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Myself & Alex Fowkes hooked up with London based streetwear brand AnyForty  to bring you this short edit.

Shredding the new AnyForty deck ‘Stick Em Up’ at Flo skatepark, Nottingham.

First time experimenting with CineStyle for the 7D and ProTune for the GoPro. Colour correction using film convert pro. Thanks to the guys at Dimention2 for introducing me to this.

Deck available here | Rider Alex Fowkes | Location Flo Skatepark | Music Ten Tigers – Bonobo

Interview With Dan Mullan


Down Days_Page_1

Interviewed by Dan for his final year project at Nottingham Trent Uni. Thought I’d post up my response, as the questions were good and summarize my first season snowboarding.

It’s nice to see my images used also. They seem to work pretty well.

Click below to read the interview..

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Nuptial Flight

Nuptial Flight from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Been working on this edit for the past 3.5 months. It’s been an ever upgrading/ tweaking project, but now I finally feel its at a stage where its complete. I’m stoked on the outcome.

Why the name Nuptial Flight? Well that is the term given to the phase in which most ant species will take to the skies to mate and form new colonies. I call the  Quad-copter used to film this, the flying ant… so, yeah.


Travis Rice – Pass It On Project


Download the high res wallpaper here

My friend Darcy was given something quite special the other day, the board for the #passitonproject from Lib Tech.

Here’s some info from Travis Rice pulled from the xgames website:

“The #passitonproject is an idea we came up with more or less spontaneously. My new Speedodeeps snowboard — a powder-specific board I’ve been designing with Lib Technologies for several years now to replace the Banana Hammock; I really think it rides like nothing else out there — showed up at the Asymbol studio a few weeks ago, and we just started kicking around this idea:

What if we sent it out into the world for people to ride and pass along, from snowboarder to snowboarder?”

We went out shooting one day to see what we could create. I had the idea of making my first sequenced stereographic projection. It was quite a challenge to think of how this image would come together, but it did come together and the results are mind warping…

Click More to see the process and other shots from this day..

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