1000 Daily Photos


Today marks 1000 days of taking a photo every day. I have been using the online service ShutterCal to upload and store the images since 01.01.2011. To celebrate this mile stone I wanted to do something a little special.. We ended up buying two king size bed sheets and 5L of petrol.

Click below to see more photos, short time-lapse and aerial footage from the night.

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Samsung Mobile S4 Zoom

Recent edit created for the Samsung Mobile campaign OverToYou. They have given a number of people their new handsets to put to the test.

I was given the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a 16 mega pixel sensor with 10x optical zoom. It’s funny looking ‘phone’ but the results speak for themselves. Overall very nice.

Music: Tasty Morsels

Click below to read more about the project and see a bunch of photos taken with the device.

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Digital Anthill – Stickers


Been wanting to get some custom stickers made for some time. With the help of Alex, we put these together. After trying a few variations we ended up deciding on using the image I made of the logo using tiny electronic parts (more on how that was done here). As well as the main image we also used up the remaining space for another sticker. Two stickers for the price of one :). They were made by Awesome Merchandise.