Minute Fourteen – Chipped

Minute Fourteen – Chipped from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Here’s a quick process video showing how I put together this image. A friend work’s at a electronics factory here in Nelson, BC, Canada. They had collected a bag of parts that the machines miss-place. Usually these will just get chucked out or recycled. I tipped them out on the table and was fascinated by all the tiny bits (some the size of a grane of sand). It was new to see these separate components before they are soldered to a board.

Music: Flotsam – Tasty Morsels - (free track download)

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Stickin’ Whitewater

Made some time to put this edit together. A collection of shots captured with the acrylic GoPro pole. All filmed at Whitewater Ski Resort, BC, Canada. Most of the footage is 48fps so the slowmotion stuff came out really nice. The GoPro3 doesn’t seem to like overcast conditions all that much, it was all rather dark and dull looking. Never the less, I’m really happy with how this video turned out. Enjoy.