Shanghai – Round One


Spent 13 days over in Shanghai assisting Rob from Scene Photography. Days were pretty long in the studio, but we managed get some time in the evenings to go explore the city.. which is massive and crazy busy.

Above is a PanoDrop taken with the quad-copter over the building we were working in.

Click below to see a bunch more photos from the trip

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London Roof Top – PanoDrop


On a job with D2 documenting a pretty awesome project for Acrylicize. Got chance to gain access the roof of this 8 story building in the heart of London. While up there I captured this PanoDrop.

This was made using a 16bit TIFF work flow. All the Gigabytes, but all the quality.

Click below to see some other projections..

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That’s right. After a year of work finally goes live. Its been a fun project but I couldn’t have estimated the amount of time, effort and not to mention money, it would take to get something like this up and running. All a valuable learning experience however.

Click MORE to get the ins and outs of this project.

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20 Years Later – Quarry Revisit

Mountsorrel granite Quarry had an open day the other week. The locals are invited to have a look around. I’ve been twice before, once 5 years ago and once 20 years ago. Before we went this time my mum dug out an old picture from our first visit. We took it with us and when we got to the bottom of the quarry tried to set up the same shot…

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Stereographic Fun Time


I found some more photos from my recent trip to the French Alps that needed editing. I had a bit of spare time last night so I got to work.

The First one below was a fairly easy job. There was minimal tweaking the only thing I had to remove from the stitched images was my shadow. This was really easy with this shot because snow is dead easy to clone with out being noticeable.

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GoPro HD Hero: Mini Review and Custom Mounts..


I recently got my self one of these small digital video cameras.


They are made by a American company called GoPro and this is the HD model. I picked it up for £270 from this small online shop. The camera shoots in various modes including 720p @ 60 Fps(for some nice slow mo action), 960p @ 30Fps and 1080p @ 30Fps. It also has a Time lapse feature that takes photos in intervals of 2,5,10,30 and 60 seconds. It takes a SD card up to 32Gb and can record for about 2.5 hours on a single charge.

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