ShutterCal Daily Photo Project – ShoeBox and Printed Cards


In my previous post about ShutterCal I said I’d ordered the monthly photo package and the ShoeBox to store them in, I also said I would write a post once they had arrived.. well they arrived!

The ShoeBox comes in another larger box, this was actually my second one. The first got pretty much destroyed in transit! The Guys at ShutterCal sent a replacement free of charge. Super cool.

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Shuttercal.com – My 365 Daily Photo Project – Month One


Ever since I got my first iPhone back in ‘07 I’ve tried to take a regular picture of what I was up to. Really this was just for my own personal record and the photos weren’t really all that great. Over the past year or so since I got my DLSR and I started to take a real interest in photography. I have noticed that I was taking more photos with greater consideration. With the new iPhone 4 picture quality is actually very impressive and in the right conditions it can produce some very nice photos. Because I now have a camera with me all the time I thought I would experiment by taking one photo daily. I roughly started this in September ‘10. I kept doing this for about 3 months during this time I was trying to think of ways I could keep an organised record of it. I wanted to have it online somewhere so it would be backed up and I could show other people what I’ve been up to.

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