Shanghai – Round One


Spent 13 days over in Shanghai assisting Rob from Scene Photography. Days were pretty long in the studio, but we managed get some time in the evenings to go explore the city.. which is massive and crazy busy.

Above is a PanoDrop taken with the quad-copter over the building we were working in.

Click below to see a bunch more photos from the trip

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Farsa Abandoned Village, Kefalonia, Greece


In 1953 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Greek island of Kefalonia. Many of the buildings on the island were badly damaged. The village of Farsa was almost entirely abandoned. Many of the buildings still remain today. It was quite strange walking the old streets and ally ways of this old community. The sun was setting which made for some beautiful light being cast over the ruins.

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Aerial PanoDrop | Tahoe, USA

TahoePanoDropFinally got round to trying out a PanoDrop from the sky. I put a GoPro in 0.5 of a sec timelapse mode, and sent the DJI Phantom up. I had it in GPS mode so once I’d found a position I thought would look good I rotated the heli around slowly to capture a selection of images to make up the 360° panorama. From there I stitched the stereographic image as normal. Hopefully I’ll get round to making a few of these :)

London Roof Top – PanoDrop


On a job with D2 documenting a pretty awesome project for Acrylicize. Got chance to gain access the roof of this 8 story building in the heart of London. While up there I captured this PanoDrop.

This was made using a 16bit TIFF work flow. All the Gigabytes, but all the quality.

Click below to see some other projections..

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That’s right. After a year of work finally goes live. Its been a fun project but I couldn’t have estimated the amount of time, effort and not to mention money, it would take to get something like this up and running. All a valuable learning experience however.

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Outlook Festival 2011 – Croatia – Round Up


This summer I finally made it to Outlook festival in Croatia. This post is a collection of photos and video I took while out there. There wont be much chat, as it’s hard for me to explain in words what it was like. What I can say is, it was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life..

Click below and hopefully my photos and videos can do it some justice..

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Busc 11 – Round Up

So Its been while since my last post… I don’t know why but I seem to have very little spare time nowadays. I guess working a full time job really does take its toll on personal projects and keeping things updated. Any way at the beginning of April I went back out to the French Alps with some friends from Nottingham Trent Uni. Once again we had an awesome time. The snow wasn’t amazing with it being towards the end of the season, however the X-games were held there only a few weeks before so the parks were top level. We spent most the days shredding them up. I filmed quite a bit again.. standard, this time I didn’t edit all the footage to music etc so I just created a few little videos that consisted of the best bits, these went up on facebook.

I did get time to produce the following little edit. While on the slope I had the idea of the camera pole floating between people by getting someone to carry it from behind. We did a few trial runs and it actually ended up being quite difficult. The person being filmed had to remember not to get the person who handed the camera to them in shot. The person taking the camera around had to make sure their shadow wasn’t in the shot. We tried it a few times, The following edit has been chopped up a bit to make it go to the beat, also to cut out any bits where you could see the carrier.

Magic Floaty Cam from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

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