Waste Studio Presents Floodit 06

The guys at Waste Studio Hosted another one of their live screen printing shows at the weekend. This time held at the Contemporary Art Gallery. I had the job of documenting the evening with some photos and  a short video. Check out the Photos on Flickr and the vid below…

Waste Studio Presents Floodit 06 from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Over all I had a really enjoyable evening. Was good to meet some cool new people and be involved with such a creative group.

For more info on the night head to the Floodit website.


How I got work with Tribe Uk



So now that Uni is well and truly over I was left thinking what do I do now! My Friend Alex is now working with a guy called Norm (aka Wasteyourself) They have set up their own little graphic design studio in Nottingham. Norm had sculpted this interesting character a few years ago and asked me whether I could create a 3D model of it.

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